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2021 Employee Spotlight  


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 Marie Lewis

Manager of Quality Assurance


 Robin McDuffie

Training Coordinator


Marina Lisovskis

Director of Day Programming, Strathmore Road 


  Mariza DaSilva

Program Supervisor






Kat Takita

Service Navigator, Family and In Home Supports 


Beatrice Alcindor

Residential Program Director 


Jessica Ssenfuka

Case Manager 


  Jean-Ricardo Faustin

Case Manager  


Samantha McGilvray

Pre-ETS Coordinator 



Tiana Carle

Front Desk Coordinator 



Caitlin Louis



 Sabine Thevenin

Residential Supervisor 


 Grady Melville

Program Director 



Cheryl Hawco

Residential Program Director


 Liz and Mike Kaplan

Case Managers